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Academic Success

Help students achieve their highest potential!

In addition to a student’s social and emotional needs, academic success is important for their development. Students who do well in school are better equipped to make the transition into adulthood and achieve successful futures. Our academic success programs encourage students to dream big dreams, teach the importance of an education, and instill confidence to achieve their highest potential.

Bullying Prevention

Teach students how to be Upstanders against bullying!

For some, the word bullying brings a mental picture of fighting on a playground, or shoving matches in the hallway. Unfortunately, bullying can no longer be so narrowly defined. Students contend with various types of bullying including: physical, verbal, emotional and cyberbullying. Our bullying programs help to combat bullying by defining the various forms, encourage kindness and respect, and give concrete examples on how to stand up and when to speak up.

Character Development

Help students build strong character!

In order for a student to avoid risk behaviors, they need to have a strong internal compass. That compass is their character. Students learn character development through example and education. Our character development programs help students build strong character, putting them on a path toward successful futures.

Depression & Suicide Prevention

Help students combat isolation and impart hope in their lives.

For students, the negative effects of depression go beyond a dismal mood. It can destroy the essence of their personality, causing an overwhelming sense of sadness, despair, or anger. In severe cases, teen depression can lead to teen suicide. Our depression and suicide prevention programs give students hope and connection, helping them realize their inherent value and self-worth.

Drug & Alcohol Prevention

Empower students to say, “YES!” to their dreams and goals, and “no” to drugs and alcohol.

Our drug and alcohol prevention programs educate students on the dangers associated with nicotine (including vaping and dabbing), alcohol, marijuana, synthetic drugs, and misuse or sharing of prescription drugs. Students learn about the impact that substance abuse and addiction can have on their health, family, and future goals when it comes to their education and career. Programs are given by grade level for content relevance.

Goal Setting

Help students achieve their dreams and goals!

When it comes to the recipe of goal setting, the secret sauce to success is accountability. Goal setting can be intimidating and following through is even more daunting; but it’s important to teach students how to set attainable and measurable goals, without fear! Our goal setting programs encourage students to dream big dreams, and equip them with the knowledge on what it takes to achieve them.

Mental Health

Support the mental and emotional well-being of students.

Students are facing a world of uncertainty as well as undergoing some big changes in their physical, social and emotional growth. Our mental health programs help students to discover the importance of mental health and give them tools to help navigate life’s challenges. Programs cover a variety of topics and are given by grade level for content relevance.

Overcoming Adversity

Empower students to defy the odds by connecting them to their dreams and goals!

Our overcoming adversity programs strive to connect students to their dreams and goals, no matter the odds stacked against them. These programs teach students how to overcome challenges, helping them change the trajectory of their life toward a more successful future.

Puberty & Adolescent Development

Helping 4th and 5th grade students navigate through puberty.

Our puberty and adolescent development program is designed to carefully and clearly prepare 4th and 5th grade students to navigate through puberty. This program provides research-based information and encouragement to help students make the healthiest choices.

Relationships & Sexual Health

Providing students with research-based information to help them achieve optimal health.

Through our relationships and sexual health programs, we encourage students to focus on their dreams and goals by providing them with research-based information on how to achieve optimal health. Programs are given by grade level for content relevance.


Help students realize their inherent value and self-worth!

It’s no secret that students today are facing cultural pressures and a barrage of negative messages that generations before them have never experienced. While technology and social media give the impression of creating relational connections, the reality is students are seeing a false persona that does not line up with reality; also known as the highlight reel of filtered images. Our self-esteem and healthy self-image programs encourage students to realize their inherent value and self worth; that they are enough and have great purpose in this life!

Standardized Testing

Motivate your students for standardized testing!

Each spring, school districts heavily focus on preparing their students for state standardized testing. At times, the pressure of performing well on these tests can stress out or create extreme levels of anxiety in students, especially younger students who are newer to test taking. Our standardized testing programs prepare students mentally and emotionally for the exams, while also giving them the encouragement and confidence they need in order to achieve academic success.

Technology & Social Media Safety

Encourage students to make positive choices in the digital world.

With the rise of technology and social media, being a student today is tougher than any parent could ever imagine. Our technology and social media safety programs look at the rewards of technology, such as staying connected with distant friends or relatives, as well as the risks, which includes sexting and pornography.

Teen Dating Violence

Teach students to recognize the warning signs and dangers of an unhealthy relationship.

Unfortunately in today’s youth culture, teen dating violence has become a serious issue.Our teen dating violence programs connect and encourage students toward healthy and positive relationships by defining the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship, describing the current climate on the issue, what the potential consequences are, and how to teach students to recognize the warning signs before it starts.

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There is a boy in my class who is being bullied. Next time I see him getting picked on, I’m going to be an upstander!”

Elementary School Student 

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