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1. Motivational Experiences

Also known as student assemblies, we partner with nationally recognized motivational youth speakers who have established platforms, vast experience, but more importantly, possess an authentic passion for inspiring students. Each speaker seeks to deliver programs that are highly engaging and entertaining, while also presenting messages that give hope and encouragement. Each speaker has their own powerful story and speaking style, reaching K-12th grade students from all walks of life.

2. Wellness Education

These programs are research-based, putting K-12th grade students on a path toward optimal health. Our incredibly qualified speakers address a variety of topics found in today’s youth culture. We also offer a parent preview for all student programs, equipping them on how to engage in, and continue conversations with their child on critical topics.

3. Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

This program is an entirely unique approach from any other mentoring structure found in today’s schools. Utilizing our own Peer Connection curriculum (26-lessons), the program is student-led, in which high school upperclassmen mentor incoming freshmen under the supervision of an adult YES Mentor Coordinator. Students learn the importance of connection, healthy relationships, community, and other character-building qualities vital to their social-emotional development.

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