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Teen Depression

Being a teenager can be tough, but it shouldn’t make students feel completely isolated and hopeless. Here we define what teen depression is, what it can look like, and how to seek help.

How Social Media Affects Teens

With the rise of social media, being a teenager today is tougher than any parent could ever imagine, and the landscape of social media is everchanging.

57th Annual Westapher Golf Tournament

Preston Center Rotary Club Raises The Bar “Fore!” A Cause The Preston Center Rotary Club hosted its 57th Annual Westapher Charity Golf Tournament on October 10, 2022, at the world-class Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine, Texas. A reported 144 golfers enjoyed a round of golf in support of the Youth Equipped to Succeed mission.  Event […]

YES Women’s Symposium 2022

Women’s Symposium Event Highlights  Thank you to all who attended the first ever YES Women’s Symposium – A conversation addressing critical issues found in today’s youth culture. The event took place on the morning of October 4, 2022 and was hosted at the home of Tavia Hunt. Driven by an impressive panel of female experts, […]

We are now Youth Equipped to Succeed

In 2019, Just Say YES and Aim for Success merged with the ultimate goal of impacting more students, parents and educators through positive youth development programs. The last three years have proven that we are truly stronger and better together as we joined forces to provide even greater impact!

Goal Setting in the New Year

When it comes to the recipe of goal setting, the secret sauce to success is accountability: An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. Goal setting can be intimidating and following through with them even more daunting; but as a parent, it’s so important to walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk so that our children can mirror and learn how to approach this task – without fear!

Case Study: Arlington ISD

Since the pandemic students have been through many changes in environment, routine and for some family structure. After almost two years, we can now see the effects that isolation and schedule disruption has had on students, educators, parents and the education system.

The Impact of Red Ribbon Week

In the world of education, each year October 23-31 is known as Red Ribbon Week; a national campaign dedicated to keep students drug-free. For our Motivational Experiences, this particular week is the equivalent to The Big Game in February for American football.

3 Ways to Help your Child Succeed this School Year

Every parent launches their child into the new school year with expectations of success. However, this upcoming school year is unlike any other. As cited on CNBC.com, a report by Horace Mann revealed: