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Bullying and the Bystander

Most freedom from bullying efforts miss one of the biggest factors in the arena of bullying, the bystander. When it comes to bullying, there’s not such thing as uninvolved. Even those who are not active players in the incident are still victims, participants, or defenders depending on their actions.


In spite of the fact that nearly half of teens have been victims of some form of cyberbullying and 88% have witnessed online cruelty toward others, only 15% of parents even know it’s a problem.

Minimizing the Target

Bullies don’t attack anyone and everyone. They aren’t just lashing out, taking their anger out on whoever happens to be around. They are predators who very carefully pick out the students they think will make the easiest prey. They don’t want someone who will fight back. They’re not looking for a fair fight or a competition. They are looking to utterly dominate another person.