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To book a bullying prevention program, or to learn more about how we can partner, call us at 888.579.5790, or fill out the form below and a Youth Equipped to Succeed representative will respond to you promptly. We look forward to hearing from you!

    About the Program

    For some, the word bullying brings a mental picture of fighting on a playground or shoving matches in the hallway. Unfortunately, bullying can no longer be so narrowly defined. Students contend with various types of bullying including physical, verbal, emotional and cyberbullying. YES bullying prevention programs help to combat bullying by defining the various forms, encourage kindness and respect, and give concrete examples on how to stand up and when to speak up.

    Programs are presented in age-appropriate versions for K-12th grade students.

    Program Delivery Options

    In person

    Live Stream

    What They’re Saying About Our Programs

    “This program helped me realize that even though bullies can make you feel like a nobody, I know I am a somebody.”

    10-year old

    Elementary School Student

    Video Library

    Our free online resources provide enriched content to create meaningful connections with students, their parents and educators. 


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